Stephanie Thomas, Owner, Elite Coding & Billing
Stephanie Thomas, OwnerApart from the core task of treating patients, healthcare practitioners are often bombarded with additional responsibilitiessuch as coding, billing, filing claims, dealing with unprocessed, excluded, and denied claims, or creating appeals, all of which invariably take a toll on the productivity and efficiency of healthcare practitioners, possibly leading to errors and wrong diagnosis. Moreover, due to erroneous codes, insurance claims could be processed inaccurately, causing patients to sometimes pay more than they should, further disrupting the revenue cycle of healthcare practitioners.Therefore, a reliable partner that can shoulder the responsibility of coding and billing and allow the doctors to focus solely on diagnosing their patients is the need of the hour. Based out of South Jordan Utah, Elite Coding & Billing fulfillsthis very need by partnering with single practitioners,mid-large practices, and ambulatory surgery centersto offercomprehensive revenue cycle management services.

Relieving its customers from their coding and billing responsibilities, Elite Coding & Billing, through its extensive range of services, allows clients to provide better health care services and increase revenue. To the end, Stephanie Thomas, the owner of the company, mentions, “We always try to take extra care witheach and every patient account and every claim to be sure that we are getting the highest reimbursement possible for the client.” Elites’ ability to customize its solutions to addressthe unique requirements of its clientele makes it a‘go-to’ partner for a multitude of use cases. In relation to this, Stephanie affirms, “Our main focus is to provide tailored services toeach customer instead of deploying a cookie-cutter model.”

The company establishes a highlycollaborative, open-ended relationship with its customers, takes their guidance, and makessmart decisions while tailoring the billing and coding services specific to their needs.

Elite Coding & Billing: StreamliningCoding and Billing Functions within Healthcare

Our main focus is to provide tailored services toeach customer instead of deploying a cookie-cutter model

Being a certified coder herself, Stephanie gathers essential insights pertaining to the customer’s challenges. Thereafter, she works in tandem with a billing representative who functions as a lead biller on the accounts for six months and ensures that streamlined and effective billing and coding workflow is established. Additionally, the company thoroughly enhances the internal processes within the clinic or the practice whenever there is room for improvement.

The company’s ability to identify different revenue streams for healthcare practitioners in this pandemic-ridden environment were exceptionally noteworthy. As most hospitals were converted to COVID care centers, health practitioners could not conduct any medical procedures. To resolve this predicament, Elite’s focused on improving the client’s existing revenue streams within the practitioner’s operational capability to remain profitable. One of its clients, through Elite’s assistance, helped patientsobtainmedical marijuana cardswhile adhering to the regulatory guidelines, opened other revenue streams such as cash pay services they had overwise not offeredAdditionally through collaboration, Elitedeveloped strict mechanisms such as instant bill payments and proper scheduling of visits and treatments that negated its customers’ payment-related disputes while maintaining a prosperous healthcare practice.

Similarly, Elite demonstrates its prowess in the market through one of its collaborations with a family medicine clinic. The physician was painstakingly handling her own coding and claims submission while also diagnosing/treating her patients. Losing sleep over theheavy workload, she was unable to focus on her primaryjob of treating patients. Eliteoutlined a plan to identify the tasks that can be taken over by the company swiftly and efficiently. Thirty days into this venture and the client was already able to witness a vast improvement in her practice and was able to treat more patients diligently. The physician benefitted from increasedrevenue streams, enabling her to entirely rely on Elite for medical billingfunctions.

With such successful collaborations in abundance, Elite Coding & Billing will continue to focus on delivering quality services to its customer. To that end, Stephanie will ensure that her team is fully invested in enhancing the offerings in order to cater to its diverse range of clients.