Jere Pittner, Founder and CEO, ALECTA Physician Revenue Cycle
Jere Pittner, Founder and CEOIt’s a no-brainer that revenue cycle management is a complex and challenging process. Of course, every physician practice wants a robust healthcare revenue cycle management solution, but handling patient care and billing on a daily basis can be an intensive and time-consuming task. And managing an internal system that results in maximum pro-fee revenue collections takes more than software. It takes a well-trained staff and experts with the knowledge and experience to recognize and overcome the barriers to success.

ALECTA Physician Revenue Cycle was created to do one thing – help physician practices and hospital-owned physician groups increase revenue.

As an expert in physician revenue cycle management, Jere Pittner, Founder and CEO of ALECTA, has a deep understanding of complex physician-hospital arrangements and the ability to design systems and solutions to maximize reimbursement.

Pittner’s entire career has been in the physician practice management space. For more than a decade she has been laser-focused on physician billing, mastering the expertise required for different size practices and specialties. Knowing that healthcare organizations need an adjunct to enhance their business operations, she founded ALECTA in 2019. “Leveraging years of experience performing revenue cycle functions, our team understands the entire revenue cycle and how it fits into a business. After assessing performance, technology and any limitations a practice may have, we can recommend solutions that optimize overall performance,” she says.

The company’s process begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s current operations, including infrastructure, staffing, software, processes, governance, and financials.

ALECTA Physician Revenue Cycle: A New Approach to Pro-fee Revenue Cycle Management

Leveraging years of experience performing revenue cycle functions, our team understands the entire revenue cycle and how it fits into a business

Once the initial analysis is completed, the team determines exactly which services an organization needs to maximize collections and increase revenue.

If initial assessment findings are below standard or if the healthcare organization in question has already identified performance issues, the company works to address deficiencies. This often involves designing processes, assisting with documenting roles and responsibilities, developing KPIs, creating reconciliation measures, and establishing a continual QA program.

“Our approach is different,” says Pittner. “What most practices need is really different from typical service offerings. They need a partner who can come in to support and enhance what they have in place. We know how to put the processes in place, and immediately develop and implement a plan to continue going forward,” she adds.

In one instance, a practice that was not satisfied with their revenue cycle outsourcing approached the company. Experts at ALECTA assessed the situation and recommended bringing the billing back in-house. After the team designed a new revenue cycle structure, the client executed the implementation and successfully transitioned from outsourcing to insourcing. Subsequently, the same client experienced heavy staff turnover and struggled to retain talent. With ALECTA’s supplemental staffing service, Pittner solved the issue by filling two FTE positions remotely that reduced receivables and ensured stability to the client’s staff.

As ALECTA continues to provide solutions that address current challenges faced by physician practices, like technological infrastructure and staffing, Pittner says the company will be focusing on developing enhanced reporting capabilities to help its clients extract and interpret important data. “A lot of practices struggle with pulling the information they actually need out of their systems,” she says. “Reporting guidance will not only support operations, but support overall business strategy and development.” As the company looks to the future, Pittner says its mission remains the same, “to help clients maximize revenue by implementing the best pro-fee revenue cycle solutions possible.”